I like to think that my work is a trip to the spirit, an attempt to connect with emotions that are close to the mystical, it can be said that it is a mirror inside for which I use strong colours and noble materials. My work is close in many aspects to the East, it speaks of the silence of the noise, of volcanoes and space, of the small and the great, of calm and fury, of rejoicing and also of the wounds of the soul through the wounds of the painting.

I work with the stain, sometimes I use Chance as one of my tools and I take advantage of it as a means of expression and as an approach to the processes of development of nature.

The use of gold and silver connects East and West and the technique used is a tribute to the precious and meticulous work that we can find in both worlds.

In my different lines of work you can see the interest and love for the pictorial processes, as well as a tribute to the painting itself through fetish works. My work is built with countless layers with which I play creating transparencies or by scraping.